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We're a small software development company based out of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia - three people and one grumpy office dog to keep us in line. We're degree-qualified professional Software Engineers, so you know that the software you get will be robust, rigorously tested and extensible.

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Stephen has 10 years of professional Software Development experience, working on a variety of projects from mission-critical industrial petrochemical computer software, to agricultural web-applications, to business automation, to mobile websites and apps.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)(Computer Systems) and a Bachelor of Business Administration with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Vicki has worked professionally in both User Experience (8 years) and Software Development (5 years). As a User Experience specialist, she consulted to large and small companies across Australia through the full User Experience lifecycle - research, concepts, design and testing.

She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)(Software) from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Deakin University.


Chris is a recent graduate, and joined the Square V team at the start of 2016. He’s a whiz with web development and excels at discovering new and exciting technologies and frameworks that fit what our projects need and keep us up-to-date. He also brings skills in Android development to the team, and has a keen interest in drones and UAVs.

He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Application Development) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Daniel is a recent graduate, and is the newest member of the Square V team. He commenced casual employment during the final year of his degree before starting full-time mid way through 2018. Throughout the completion of his degree, Daniel gained knowledge in both IT and accounting.

He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional) from La Trobe University.

Why Choose a Small Software Company

We've worked for large software development organisations in the past, and the inefficiencies were truly amazing. In our small company, we're the people managing your project and doing the work - there is no bureaucracy, no one is paid to sit around and write email. Put simply, we build the software you need, when you need it.

Our Agile Process

We use a modified Agile process incorporating both User Experience and Development. We'll sit down with you and ensure that we're all on the same page when it comes to the requirments that the software needs to fulfil, and then we'll build a clickable prototype so that you can try out a barebones version of the software in advance (no colors, not hooked up to the database) and make sure that everything you need it to do is there.Once you’re happy with the prototype, we’ll build the real software. While the software’s under development, we’ll arrange regular demonstrations so that you can see how the software is progressing and be satisfied that everything is on track for success.

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