Custom Software Development

Put simply, we design and build custom software for you. Our team is made up of degree-qualified professional software engineers with 10+ years of software development experience.

As experienced professional software engineers, we understand how to build your website or application right the first time and have it up and running on time and on budget.

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Custom Websites

Get your message or your results out to the people who need to know with a custom website for your organisation, department or project.

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Custom Web Applications

Tired of Excel spreadsheets? A custom web application allows you to collect data or publish practical working versions of your models online.

We use the principles of "responsive design" to build sites that work across all screen sizes and devices including iPads, iPhones and other smartphones and tablets.

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Mobile Applications

If you want to get your product into the App Store and onto your users' home screens, you'll need a native app for iPads, iPhones and android devices.

We understand the user interface guidelines for iOS and android and will build you an app that is easy-to-use for all levels of user.

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User Experience

Today's marketplace can be a race to the bottom where the cheapest price wins. Companies like Apple know that this isn't the only option - instead, they use applied psychology to understand the needs, goals and behaviours of their potential customers, and use that understanding to build and sell their products. We can help you to do the same.

User Research

The best products and services are created when you understand your users. Find answers to the questions you want to ask through dedicated user research - contextual inquiries, ethnography, directed interviews, diary studies, surverys and card sorting - we know what you need and we can make it a reality for less cost than you might expect.

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Usability Testing

People aren't machines, brains work in strange ways, and a design that looks perfect on paper can sometimes run into issues when it hits the real users. We'll test your program with real users to ensure that we can find and fix any interpretation problems before the product goes live.

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User-Centered Design

Design something that "just works" for your users. Tools like rapid prototyping, personas and user scenarios help us build the right product the first time. We design to web accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0) as required by the Australian government.

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